P14 adapter

Sometimes when we recover relics we find extremely rare items. This was recovered from an old British army dump site, and the only clue we had to go on as to it’s function was the ‘P14’ stamped on the side.

A small brass frame with a threaded bolt and wingnut, it was obviously clamped to something. After a bit of research, it was discovered that this is an adapter for attaching a Lee-Enfield grenade cup discharger to a P14 rifle!!!

Instead of spending time and money on developing a grenade cup discharger for a P14 rifle, the army simply designed an adapater to use the cups they had plenty of!

A rare beast indeed!

Bracket for attaching a Lee-enfield grenade discharger cup to a P14 rifle
p14 grenade discharger cup
Picture showing bracket in place on a P14


    • We have found quite a few, but I’m afraid I do not sell any item that I dig. Sorry. It’s all about the history of each item for me, not the value!


      • Thats fair enough, I would settle for photos with measurements so I could try and make one (I have a machinist friend)!

        Will contact you via the contact page, fascinating website by the way 🙂



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