A Couple of Rare Weapon Manuals – Lewis & Hotchkiss MG – Downloadable

I can’t ever recall seeing a Lewis MG or Hotchkiss MG manual online. I have copies of both though so have scanned them in to share with my fellow WW2 enthusiasts. Both were found in the same second hand book shop, a couple of months apart. This bookshop is run by a guy in his front room as a kind of hobby. He doesn’t charge much for the books he has and I got these for no more than a couple of quid.

Both give detailed information on the weapons, along with lots of diagrams and pictures to assist in the operation, maintenance and firing of them.

I’ve also scanned in a copy of an original WW2 British propaganda leaflet, 3 copies of which I was given by a gentleman whose dad had been responsible for loading them in to aircraft in the war. I am sure plenty of these still exist, but I’d certainly never seen an original before. I’ve included a downloadable PDF of the leaflet, along with pics of each side. I get the impression they are not too flattering of Himmler!

I’ve also scanned in copies of my original Lee-Enfield, Sten and British Grenade manuals. They are probably on my other post but I’ve included them anyway as I took the time to scan them in!

100s more manuals on some of my other blogs….


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Lewis MG manual – Complete

(Click above to download manual!)


Hotchkiss manual – complete

(Click above to download manual!)


Propaganda leaflet

(Click above to download manual!)

Sten manual – complete

(Click above to download manual!)

Lee-Enfield manual – complete

(Click above to download manual!)


Small arms manual – Grenade 1942

(Click above to download manual!)


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Lewis MG manual, Hotchkiss MG manual, Lee-enfield manual, Sten manual, British grenade manual, British WW2 propaganda leaflet


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