A highly experienced TV presenter, my most recent project, ‘WW2 Treasure Hunters’ (History channel), was extremely well received and had outstanding viewing figures, (see below for episode list).

I have had a number of articles published in military magazines, covering such subjects as aircraft parts, small arms ammunition and the dangers of unexploded ordnance.

With a wide depth of knowledge on WW2 history, and an incredible knowledge of WW2 ordnance and kit, I regularly supply articles to news and TV websites for publication.

Please use the ‘Contact’ page to get in touch about any media projects, from TV presenting work, to expert contribution and even behind the camera research. I am also able to provide expert opinion on News programs, both TV and radio, and can provide articles or opinions for newspapers, magazines, websites or any other media platform.


TV Shows (Presenter)

WW2 Treasure Hunters – First aired, October/November 2017, History Channel, 8 x 1hr episodes

Season One

  • Episode One – German Bomber in Liverpool
  • Episode Two – Douglas Bader and the Duxford Fliers
  • Episode Three – Tank in a Vineyard
  • Episode Four – 82nd Airborne and German POWS
  • Episode Five – American Bombers in Suffolk
  • Episode Six – D-Day Undercover
  • Episode Seven – Bomb Factory
  • Episode Eight – American Fly Boys





Published Articles


Other published work