WW2 Treasure Hunters – Episode 2 -Duxford fliers

Following on from this weeks episode of WW2 Treasure Hunters, here are some exclusive pictures of the finds recovered on the day. Lots of evidence of everyday living were recovered, showing exactly what the guys ate and drank, as well as what they put in their hair. Not only that but we had a few finds showing the WAAFs were there.

The amount of crockery was amazing, with just a few examples retained to show the kind of thing the guys were eating off and drinking out of. The condition of the NAAFI mugs just shows how well made they were!! 70+ years in the ground and you could have your cuppa in them no problem. I’ve had a couple of messages claiming they were obviously not just dug up, but ‘planted’. I can assure everyone that not one single relic recovered during the filming was planted. Everything was recovered during filming. I would simply not allow ‘pretend’ finds. Why would I? There is so much out there we simply don’t need to ‘plant’!

Of special note are the NAAFI teaspoons, most of which had been twisted into a corkscrew shape. No idea who by, or why, but very interesting!

DSC_1564a_01DSC_1565a_01DSC_1566a_01DSC_1567a_01DX1 TP1, Pocket Watch aDX1 TP1, Pocket Watch bDX1, Topsoil, Spoon aDX1, Topsoil, Spoon cShame the pocket watch didn’t have any engraving on it, but very special to be able to return WO Gilbert Dawe’s spoon to his family. A test pilot who received the Air Force Cross….a true unsung hero.

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