WW2 Treasure Hunters – Episode 3 – Denbies Vineyard

What a fantastic experience, being present during the recovery of this tank. None of this would have been possible without Rick Wedlock, who not only found the tank following intensive research, but recovered it and allowed us to film its recovery for the TV show. Thanks RICK!!! Good luck with the restoration 🙂

It was an incredibly interesting dig and, while Rick recovered the tank, we spent our time searching the vineyard for evidence of the Home Guard. We also visited a site close to the vineyard where the Canadians had a camp which had never been searched before. We had some great finds, but nothing on the scale of the Covenantor!

Even with the small number of relics recovered, the story of the men who were stationed at Denbies was very interesting, and the locals had some great stories to tell.

On to the pictures. Exclusive pics of the MD finds and the tank!

One very proud Mr Rick Wedlock!
2 inch mortar parachute illumination
Finds from our MDs. Ignore the incorrect label on the bottom left….it isn’t what it says it is! (I did correct it for the archaeological records)
Finds from the Canadian camp



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