WW2 Treasure Hunters – Episode 8 ‘American Fly boys’

A mixture of pleasure and sadness as I write this, as that was the last episode for this series. I do hope that you have enjoyed the show, and I am keeping my fingers crossed for another series. You can help by emailing or messaging History Channel and telling them you want another series!




Thanks for all your support!

Ok, on to the finds from the last episode in the series, filmed at RAF King’s Cliffe. As usual, there simply wasn’t enough time to show everything we recovered, so I’ve put together pictures of all the finds made during filming and can now show them, exclusively, on this blog.

It was a hard dig to begin with as we tried to do it all by hand, but the depth of the dump put paid to those plans and we had to get the digger in. Good job we did as we uncovered some truly remarkable finds, including parts of P38 and P51.

So, without further ado, the finds…..

What a lovely hole you’ve got Mr Schofield! Tim, Reg, Elaine, Goose and Martin. Ted (the other archaeologist) is in this shot as well but he is a master of camouflage and disguise.
Finds table when filming finished
Finds table when filming finished
Finds table when filming finished
Finds table when filming finished
Finds table when filming finished
Finds table when filming finished
Finds table when filming finished
Finds table when filming finished
Finds table when filming finished
Finds buckets as we ran out of space on the table!
Our lovely hole, just prior to back filling….
Aircraft parts
Stencil on P38 part
ANA stamp on P51 part
American mess tin (what’s left of it)
Just a few of the 20-30 bottles we recovered
1944 dated bowls
Merlin engine exhaust lock washers, remains of flying goggles lens and another aircraft part
Hydraulic pipes, drop tank filler caps, petrol can cap and pipe clamp
Manifold from aero engine
Various toiletry tubes
Flare cartridges, M1 carbine 30cal, 20mm, 50cal and 303
Coins, vending machine token, lead seal from ammo crate and a German pebble button
Gibbs Dentifrice tin, comb and Seigneur lighter
Pipes from drop tanks
USAAF aircraft instrument panel toggle switch
USAAF aircraft instrument panel toggle switch
KNG TP1, Dog Tag b
The dogtag
X-ray of the dogtag

One heck of a dig with a great number of relics recovered, and a real honour to be able to return the dogtag to William’s son.

Roll on series two!! Don’t forget to email History!


  1. Would love to see a second series. Perhaps some digs further afield, Europe maybe, or if they wanted to keep it UK(ish) based, the occupied Channel Islands might yield some interesting finds?


  2. Where did you dig at King’s Cliffe? That is, where is the dump you dug located? I have aerials from the WWII era to help me locate your dig.


    • I am sorry but that is the kind of information that I can’t share. Indeed, in all the years I’ve been recovering WW2 relics, I learnt very early on that sharing site locations was a bad idea. We also agreed with all landowners who agreed to allow us to film on their land, to not divulge the location of the sites. Once again, my apologies.


  3. Hi Stephen. I’m a translator currently working on WW2 Treasure Hunters subtitles. (Discovery is showing them on TV in my country). Thank you for all the the eye-opening finds and stories.

    I’d just like to ask one question about the beer bottle on the left of your picture(of 4 bottles). In the show you mentioned something like “Smith and Son” yet I can’t quite understand where it was from. I think it’s just because my lack of knowledge on relics. Would love to know the answer and translate the subtitles properly 🙂


  4. Hello there, Stephen. I saw this episode for the first time on Blaze last night and was fascinated from the start, especially when the 20th fighter group was mentioned. After the war they became the 20th Tactical Fighter Wing, and were based at RAF Upper Heyford in Oxfordshire, flying the F-111 fighter bomber during the Cold War. I am a member of the RAF Upper Heyford group on Facebook and was wondering if there was any way this episode could be shown for the benefit of all the members of the group who live stateside?
    Regards, Alan Bickley.


    • Hi Alan. Very pleased liked the show. I am afraid I don’t know of an easy way your US members could view the episode. It was promoted to US channels but I’m afraid none took it up, mainly is it didn’t have a US presenter! They may be able to access it as a pay per view on Amazon prime, but they may need a VPN network to do so. Sorry I can’t be of any more help.


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