Having all this knowledge about WW2 and the ordnance and kit from the conflict is great, but knowledge is useless unless shared!

‘Relics of WW2’ is a mobile museum specifically designed to provide a  hands-on living history experience to schools, clubs, museums and events.

We offer full or part days teaching to students of all ages, incorporating many of our rare and valuable artefacts into the lessons. Children get the opportunity to look at, touch and wear many of our items during our visit, giving them a once in a lifetime opportunity to interact with real history.

Working closely with the teaching staff, presentations and demonstrations will be tailored to the area of the curriculum you want to cover. The museum can provide a hands-on experience of a whole host of aspects of the war, from rationing and life on the home front, to the ordnance and kit used by the various forces. We can even cover specific battles, using genuine artefacts to aid learning.

This hands-on approach stimulates the children’s learning ability and gives them a better respect and understanding of the subject. The presentations are designed to teach the students what life was really like during WW2.

Unlike most museum collections that are hidden away behind glass, ours is used as a living history teaching resource, with many items introduced during lessons to enhance the learning experience. This is what makes the museum unique, giving positive and rewarding results as we teach children about WW2.

For more information about the museum, please use the ‘Contact’ page.