RAOC Site – The Return – Even more WW2 Relics!

This is one of those sites that we all have, that you just have to keep going back to, even though you have loads of examples of the relics it holds. I just find the place so fascinating, and each trip throws up a type of relic that has never been found there before. It also amazes me that the volume of finds still isn’t decreasing! I must have been there at least 20 times now, sometimes on my own, other times with members of the WW2 Relic Retrieval & Preservation Group, (use the ‘contact’ page on this website to enquire about being a member), searching a relatively small area……yet the finds just keep coming.

This visit was particularly productive, with one of the team, Joseph, identifying another area we hadn’t searched before that held some very nice WW2 relics.

With the search location being a well used field, it does contain your normal BOAT relics, (Bit Off A Tractor), so I have always tended to ignore pure iron signals. This has worked out quite well in the past as, the odd one or two I have dug as a ‘test’, always turned out to be a BOAT. However, another member of the group, David B, started digging them as one of his ‘tests’ turned out to be a tile breaker off an incendiary bomb! I am sure I’m not alone among detectorists when, after detecting a site for 30 mins or so, I start to recognise signals as either worth digging or not. So, thanks to David, I am now going to be digging pure iron signals. I’ll send him all the BOATs I find……… Ha!

On to the finds….

Digger 1 – Some nice 40mm HE projectiles recovered
Digger 2 – A good range of relics including the tip off a No 251 fuze from a 40mm
Digger 3 – ‘Mr Iron Signal’……but he did get a couple of incendiary bomb tile breakers
My finds. Made the walk back to the car painful on the shoulders lugging this lot!
Spigot mortar drill round with a cap. Never seen one with a cap before.
Cleaned stuff. There is quite a bit still left to clean but it is mostly shell case wall and drive bands. I’ll get round to it though.
40mm Bofors shell bases. 16 recovered on this dig, which is remarkable considering the number of times the site has been detected.
40mm headstamp
40mm headstamp
40mm headstamp
40mm headstamp
40mm headstamp
40mm headstamp
40mm headstamp
40mm headstamp
40mm headstamp
The damage to this one shows the power of the explosion used to dispose of them. The rim of the case has been sheared off completely, big gouges in the brass and the primer has been forced way in.
Big chunk of drive band, booster tube and a nice 20mm Oerlikon
Headstamp on the 20mm
Artillery shell transport cap, probably from 25pdr
Spigot mortar drill round with cap. I didn’t even know they came with caps! Every day is a school day…..
No 3 fuzes from British Mk V anti-tank mines
Markings on the top of the fuze
Markings on the top of the fuze
Markings on the side of the fuze
Markings on the top of the fuze. This fuze clearly shows it is a No 3, yet it is smaller than the others. We do find one or two of this type and are yet to work out if it is just a variance of a particular manufacturer, or a different variant. The additional Roman numerals on this one suggest the latter.
Markings on the side of the fuze
No 211 fuze
A first for the site…… remains of a No 211 fuze. Get the impression it was blown up with everything else!
Markings on No 211 fuze.


For a site that has had so many visits, all covering an area that is maybe 50 metres square, it is still giving up some damn good WW2 relics! Long may it continue…..


Cleaned stuff. There is quite a bit still left to clean but it is mostly shell case wall and drive bands. I’ll get round to it though.


  1. Another good dig, I never get tired of reading the headstamps and seeing the relics you guys dig up.
    It would nice to have a share section within the forum to show you on the other side of the world finds we have dug.
    However I still enjoy your site.


  2. Hi Nick

    Thanks for the kind comments. I did think about having an open section of my website but, after thinking long and hard, decided against it as there are quite a few nutters out there who would post all kinds of things!

    However, I can post pics of your finds myself if you like? Use the ‘Contact’ page and we’ll have a chat about it.



  3. I’m amazed at your collection! Wow!! I am trying to build my library/personal space…so since war history is my favorite, I’d like to get relics from each country involved during WW11, Do you happen to know if this is German? It has obvious blood stains on it.. Nevermind I justt realized that I can’t post pics?

    -Joy G


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