WW2 Manuals – Over 100 More Downloadable Files

I have been gathering a few more WW2 manuals over the past few months, so I’ve put together another 100 or so on this page, British, American, German and also Italian and Japanese!

These are in addition to the ones I had already uploaded on the following pages….

WW2 Manuals – Downloadable

More WW2 Manuals – Downloadable -The more unusual type of manuals!

WW2 Aircraft Manuals – Downloadable

US WW2 Ammunition – The Complete Manual – Downloadable

Over the years I’ve been collecting WW2 relics, I have needed to identify some unusual stuff, and these manuals have proved an invaluable resource. I won’t take up your time with lots of words here, so please just scroll through the PDF files I’ve uploaded and use whatever you need.

There are quite a few here (!!!) and some of the descriptions are a bit vague, but rest assured there are some real gems in among this lot. Some are really good quality, others not so much…….but something is better than nothing. Enjoy!

(Excuse the pic below. If I don’t upload a pic the blog shows as a PDF icon, which is really terrible!)

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  1. I taught English to Italians in Italy in the 1960s and was given a WWII manual for teaching English which was the far and away best English instruction course I have ever used since then. Unfortunately I loaned it to an associate and never got it back. I would love to find a copy of it.


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